House and Land Packages 

  1. Each House and Land Package advertised by Mirvac Queensland Pty Ltd (“Mirvac”) consists of Eligible Land and a Dwelling which are sold separately.  

  2. The House and Land Package has been offered as an option if Buyers wish to engage one of the Builders. Buyers may select an alternate builder at their discretion.  

  3. Mirvac is responsible for the sale of land only. Should a Buyer wish to purchase an advertised House and Land Package, they will be required to enter into a contract to purchase the Eligible Land from Mirvac and a separate Building Contract with the Builder.  Mirvac is not a party to the Building Contract and the Builder is not a party to the Land Contract.  

  4. In order to receive the benefit of the Dwelling component of a specific House and Land Package the Buyer will need to enter into a Building Contract within a specified period as may be nominated by the Builder. 

  5. The Builders are not subsidiaries or related entities of Mirvac. Mirvac makes no representations and gives no warranties about the Builders’ ability to enter into or perform any Building Contract.  Mirvac Queensland Pty Ltd will not be liable for:

    • (a) any failure by any Builder to enter into or perform the Building Contract;  

    • (b) any delays in construction;  

    • (c) any representations made by any Builder; or  

    • (d) any loss suffered by the Buyer or any other person in any way arising out of or relating to the Building Contract. 

  6. Any incentives or concessions advertised or offered by any Builder are offered by the Builder alone and the Seller accepts no liability or responsibility with regard to them.  

  7. The advertised price of a House and Land Package is subject to change without notice, and:

    • (a) is based on the Builder's standard specifications and inclusions for the Dwelling, which can be obtained from the Builder; 

    • (b) unless otherwise advertised, may be subject to exclusions such as landscaping, fencing, and any other exclusions nominated by the Builder. The price of the Dwelling may also vary in other circumstances as set out in the Building Contract.  Buyers should make appropriate enquiries as to exclusions and variations with their Mirvac Sales Representative and their Builder prior to purchase;  

    • (c) does not include stamp duty on the Land Contract or the Building Contract, registration fees (including registration fees in relation to the transfer of the land), local government change in ownership fees and any other fees or charges (including legal fees or the costs of other services) incidental to the acquisition of land or a Dwelling or the construction of a Dwelling. Buyers will need to pay these fees and charges separately; 

    • (d) is subject to adjustments under the Land Contract including local government rates and land tax; 

    • (e) is correct as at the time of publication, but may change as a result of variations in the inclusions or specifications of the Dwelling required by the Buyer or due to any other circumstances that may affect the price as set out in the Building Contract, or changes in local, state or federal government laws or requirements applicable to the acquisition of land or a dwelling or the construction of a dwelling. 

  8. Where a specific House and Land combination is advertised, Buyers will not be able to choose alternative dwellings or land for the House and Land Package. Each such House and Land Package is unique and is only available until sold. 

  9. Buyers will not be able to choose alternative land that is not Eligible Land as part of the House and Land Package. 

  10. Alterations may be required to the proposed Dwelling to ensure the Dwelling and associated works complies with the Housing Covenants and Standards as well as any statutory requirements. 

  11. Anything prepared by the Builder is a representation of the Builder alone and the Buyer should make appropriate enquiries regarding the specifications including the standard, design and finishes of the Dwelling. 

  12. Advertisements may refer to features which are not available for all House and Land Packages. The Buyer should make their own enquiries regarding the full specifications for any Home and Land Package they are interested in. 

  13. Images, dimensions and prices shown in advertisements are indicative only. Buyers must obtain official details from a sales consultant.  

  14. Mirvac gives no warranty and makes no representation as to the accuracy or sufficiency of any description, illustration, photograph or statement contained in any advertisement and will not be liable for any loss or damage suffered or incurred by a Buyer or any other person who relies upon the information in any advertisement except for any liability which cannot be excluded by law.


  • Builder means a builder who has been advertised through the Seller’s current marketing campaign. 

  • Building Contract means a building contract with the Builder for the construction of a Dwelling on the Eligible Land. 

  • Dwelling means the residential detached dwelling constructed on the Eligible Land by the Builder under the Building Contract. 

  • Eligible Land means land owned by Mirvac which is advertised as being a part of the House and Land Package. 

  • House and Land Package means the Dwelling and Eligible Land package advertised by Mirvac. 

  • Housing Covenants means Mirvac’s housing covenants which are contained in the Land Contract. 

  • Land Contract means a contract with Mirvac for the sale of Eligible Land. 

  • Standards means Mirvac’s Architectural and Landscape Standards which are contained in the Land Contract.